Once all necessary procedures are cleared and everything is good to go, the next thing for foreign asset managers to do is practical marketing. In this article, let us introduce some useful media and seminars for overseas asset management companies when entering the Japanese market and starting off marketing. By utilizing more than one of these tools, it will be possible to make your company better known in Japan and acquiring new clients.

*** Non-specialized Media ***

There are three major media that cover a wide range of economy and business-related topics.


NIKKEI (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) is a financial newspaper, most widely read by Japanese business persons.  It covers financial, business and industry news from Japan and the world.

Gendai Business
https://www.kodansha.co.jp/upload/pr.kodansha.co.jp/files/e.pdf (p7)

Gendai Business is a business magazine available in print and online targeting managers and executives.  A lot of the articles reflect advanced analysis of experts.


President is a business magazine, also available in print and online.  The web version provides a wider range of business information, and their website is designed to attract younger business persons.  The articles are more management-oriented information.


Non-specialized media may have many subscribers, but they cover a wide variety of economic and business news, which could make it difficult for institutional investors to find information they need.  Globally, there are media specializing in investment information, such as Barron's, P&I, and Institutional Investor.  Next, let us see if equivalent sources are available in Japan.


*** Asset Management Information Media ***    

Here are the four most read investment-information oriented media by institutional investors in Japan.  Placing advertisements in these media will be an ideal way to make you and your strategy known to possible clients.


AL-In is a magazine for institutional investors read as reference information when deciding on investment policies.  Their information covers not only traditional assets such as stocks and bonds, but also alternative assets such as hedge funds, private equity.  They take the free paper style, allowing institutional readers free subscription for both print and web version.  By doing so, they have reached a wide range of investors.  Visual ads will be good for branding while article ads are good to introduce your strategies in depth.

Newsletter on Pensions & Investment

Newsletter on Pensions & Investment is a biweekly magazine available in print and online. They provide news on asset management and public/private pension systems.  The annual subscription fee is 180,000 yen.  You can place visual ads.

Nikkei Veritas

Nikkei Veritas is a weekly newspaper with management information mainly to individual investors.  Placing visual ads is possible.


J-Money is a quarterly magazine specializing in financial markets for financial service professionals.  They used to follow market trends in foreign exchange, bonds, and stocks, but in recent years they are focused more on investment trends such as pension funds and financial institutions. They accept both visual ads and article ads.


*** Seminars ***

To raise recognition and introduce the strategy of your company, face-to-face communication with investors, along with advertising, is very important.  By sponsoring investor-attracting seminars, there is a good chance for you to win new customers and strengthen relationships with investors.  Here are some organizers who regularly host seminars for institutional investors in Japan.


Beside issuing magazines, AL-IN also organize seminars on investment information for pension funds and financial institutions. The seminars are held about five times a year, not only in Tokyo but at different locations.  In response to the spread of COVID-19, they are now working on web-based seminars.

Market Makers

Market Makers organizes seminars related to domestic pension funds.  The seminars are held about twice a year.

Pensions & Investments

Pensions & Investments is an International magazine read by pension funds around the world.  They hold two-day seminars in Japan once a year.  Many Japanese pension funds attend the seminar every year.



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