AL-IN, mentioned in our previous article (, is widely acknowledged by institutional investors in Japan as a resourceful investment management information magazine. Let see what there is to know about AL-IN and its related services they provide.


Launched in 2006, AL-IN is Japan's major media outlet for institutional investors, with a circulation of 7,000.  They cover not only traditional assets such as stocks and bonds, but also hedge funds and alternative assets such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt.

Timely investment strategies and themes are carefully picked up in each issue to provide readers with multifaceted and objective information.  This is enabled by the relationships and high expertise that AL-IN has established over their 10 years history since.

Core AL-IN readers are institutional investment professionals such as pension funds, financial corporations and public interest corporations.

Since AL-IN is distributed free of charge to targeted readers, enabling them to conduct effective marketing activities for institutional investors.


NEW PROP is AL-IN’s spin-off a media specializing in investment information for regional financial institutions in Japan.  The first issue was published in 2015, and like AL-IN, they are distributed free of charge and is read by investment and planning departments people of regional financial institutions.

Negative interest rates are pushing investment in Japanese government bonds to the limit, so financial institutions are required to come up with new ideas.  NEW PROP is designed to meet the differences in investment horizons and regulations unique to financial institutions other than pension funds.

Seminars organized by AL-IN

As investing environment remains severe, AL-IN continues to organize seminars on investment information in major cities in Japan, hoping to further enhance information delivery.  Not only does AL-IN introduce investment information in their magazine, but they also provides opportunities for asset managers to reach investors directly.

AL-IN started these seminars for institutional investors shortly after their first issue, and so it is by now acknowledged and awaited as an annual event by the readers.  Therefore, the yield of participants tend to be high and lively interaction is seen between investors and management companies too.

AL-IN Web (

AL-IN also run a media outlet called AL-IN Web to provide their contents online.  Web-only contents along with webinars and reports from investment management companies are available at AL-IN Web.

Research projects involving investors are held regularly to help management companies catch on trends and strategy needs of institutional investors.  AL-IN Web is open to institutional investors free of charge to be accessed any time.



AL-IN is an ideal short cut to send out various information on page and beyond.  It could play a very important role for foreign investment management companies who is finding difficulty in allocating sufficient human resources to marketing and sales.  AL-IN is a marketing tool that is too good not to use when setting up a base in Japan.



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