How do financial retailers rate asset managers in Japan? For the second consecutive year, Ma-Do magazine, IJ’s sister publication, asked its toshin (Japanese mutual funds) retailer subscribers to name their top picks for asset management. Unlike last year’s survey (, this year's ranking did not differentiate between Japanese and foreign firms. The poll was conducted online in September and October 2022. N=310.

Respondent Attributes

Respondents represent a variety of financial Institutions.

Respondents represent a variety of toshin retail functions and services: sales - 57.7%, product selection and planning - 19.0%, and "other duties" - 11.6%.  Among them are general employees - 33.5%, supervisors - 20.6%, managers - 25.2%, branch/department heads - 11.9%, and board members - 8.7%.  Respondents’ ages range from 20s to 60 and above, but most are in their 30s (28.7%), 40s (25.5%) and 50s (28.1%).


The survey asked financial retailers to rate asset managers by overall performance and performance of certain functions.